PT. Progas Energi Perkasa

PT. Progas Energi Perkasa is one of industrial gas and gas gas company that established since year 2000an, the product we can offer are as follows:1.Gas Industri covers: Oxygen (O2), Nitrogen (N2), Argon (Ar), Carbonium oxide (CO2 ), Hydrogen, Acetylene (C2H2), Helium (He), LPG, Propane (C3H8), Sulfur Hexafluoride (SF6), Sulfur dioxide (SO2), Mixtures Gas (mixed gas), Ammonia (NH3), Ethylene ( C2H4), Ethylene Oxide (EO), Carbon monoxide (CO), Methane (CH4), Specialty gas, high purity gas, ultra high purity gas, Gas Calibration, Span Gas.2 Industrial gas cylinder in various sizes, both seamless steel and aluminum, LPG Gas Tube.3. Light fire extinguishers / APAR which contents CO2, ABC Powder and filling.4. Wall outlet type JIS (colok), SIS (Screw), Ohmeda, Wall outlet adapter, Flowmeter Humifier / Wall Flowmeter, Wall Suction, Bedhead, Trolley, medical humidifier regulator, gas regulator, gas tube valve, gas hose.Services that we can provide include:1. Service for testing gas cylinder (Hydrostatic Test).2. Services for medical gas installations, industrial gas installation services and LPG.3. Nitrogen Service / Purging / Flushing.4. Leak testing service.For information and excellent service, if there is a product / service our company in accordance with the needs of the company Mr / Ms, can contact as follows:Telephone / Fax: 021-29099804Email: [email protected] sincerely hope to be a partner who can provide all the needs and solutions related to industrial gas and medical gas. For your attention and cooperation we say thank you.Best regards,Progas Energi Perkasa Ltd.

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